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  • Intensive Reading Class (Kingergarten-12th grade)
    Shine's Intensive Reading Class fosters students' reading comprehension while encouraging students to critically analyze literature. Students read critically acclaimed books that come from the AP and/or IB reading lists, allowing students to directly apply what they learn from their Shine coursework to their coursework in high school. Shine believes that in order to read the classics, students must first be taught at their current instructional reading level. With this in mind, Shine uses leveled reading activities/books to quickly progress each student's reading level, so that students not only are reading on grade level, but reading at an advanced level for their age group. In Shine's Intensive Reading Class, students take part in discussions, write essay responses to relevant topics concerning their book, complete worksheets, and take quizzes to reinforce and assess students' mastery of subject material. Furthermore, Shine gives students supplementary materials to aid in student's vocabulary enrichment and to practice grammar.

    • Reading the most recommendable classic books
    • Knowledge and wisdom enhancement
    • Worksheets, quizzes and discussions to reinforce the materials
    • Plentiful sub materials of vocabulary and structure
    • Level-based courses

  • PSAT (8th-10th grade) / SAT (10th-12th)
    Professional instruction by experienced teachers who have a proven history of helping students significantly improve their standardized tests scores. Although many courses are taught completely in English for advanced students, Shine has instructors that are fluent Korean and Spanish speakers, who can offer instructional support for students who are native Korean or Spanish speakers. All classes use take practice tests and receive review materials that will help them thoroughly prepare for the PSAT and SAT. Shine offers the following classes specific to SAT subject areas:

    SAT Reading
    In the SAT reading class, students increase their vocabulary and learn proven problem-solving strategies to answer short-answer questions and passage-based questions. Students develop their specific reading strategy to assist them in successfully answering the reading passage questions while not feeling rushed for time.

    SAT Math
    Students are prepared for the mathematics content that is specifically tested on the SAT test. Students learn problem-solving techniques to correctly answer various types of questions, while saving students valuable time so that they have adequate time to successfully answer each question.

    SAT Writing
    Shine's SAT writing course teaches students essential grammar rules that are repeatedly examined on the SAT. Besides learning how to eliminate frequent structural errors, students also learn the specific English writing style that SAT test-makers prefer. Students see examples of successful SAT essays and write several practice writing responses, which are edited by native English speakers.

  • TOEFL Class (9-precollege students)
    Professional instruction by experienced Korean and American teachers
    Preparation for TOEFL test
    Tasks that develop advanced listening, reading, speaking and writing skills for future success English-speaking universities.
    Essential TOEFL vocabulary and Detailed Foundation in English grammatical structure
    Writing exercises and individual proofreading
    Mock tests and review

  • Direct Business English
    Shine's Direct Business English classes focus on developing students' abilities to communicate effectively in the American business setting. Instruction centers upon improving students' overall conversational ability, standard pronunciation, and knowledge of idiomatic and colloquial expressions typical to the American business environment.
    In the Direct Business English class, students practice in writing business letters, emails, and reports on topics relevant to their fields. Instructors proof-read students' writing to correct grammatical errors and to ensure that the writer's message is clear. Specifically, the Direct Business English classes wish to address the specific needs and business tasks that students face in their careers.

  • Adult Conversation Class
    Shine's morning conversation class is an exciting, fast-paced course that practices essential English grammar and informal expressions that students will need for fluent conversations. The morning conversation class discusses colloquial/idiomatic expressions. To meet the needs of Native Korean speakers, the class features a team-teaching approach

  • Intensive Vocabulary courses (1 hour x 20 times)
    Shine English Academy offers an intensive vocabulary course that provides essential English vocabulary that students will need to be successful on standardized tests and in their advanced coursework. Particularly, the Intensive Vocabulary courses prepare students for the vocabulary-based questions on the TOEFL and SAT. The TOEFL vocabulary class is offered to English language learners with a limited English vocabulary, while the SAT Core Vocabulary 1000 Class is geared toward student's wanting to gain the more advanced vocabulary that students will need to complete the sentence completion section of the PSAT and SAT.

  • Private Tutoring
    Subject-specific Academic Tutoring

    Shine offers tutoring in various subjects so that students are academically successful in their school coursework. Shine offers tutoring for regular K-12 coursework, AP/IB courses, and college courses.

    • TOEFL Vocabulary Class
    • SAT Core Vocabulary 1000 Class
    • Structure Class for middle school students
    • SAT Structure Class
    • Test Reading Preparation Class
    • Math Class
    • AP Classes

  • Some subjects tutored include:
    • English (Reading)
    • Math
    • Science
    • History
    • Social Sciences (economics, government (political science), psychology, and sociology
    • Spanish and other languages

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